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Desktop Disposal Computer Recycling Services

DesktopDisposal.com takes pride in our services, which include:

Total Control Logistics
Data Destruction & Security
Recycled Inventory Tracking
Remarketing & Reuse
Responsible Computer Recycling


DesktopDisposal.com will come to you and pickup your equipment. We provide an unbroken chain-of-custody, guaranteed. We can perform urgent pickups so you donít have to sit on unwanted equipment longer than necessary.


DesktopDisposal.com ensures that all client data and software are removed from all electronic media. Corporate identifiers and asset tags are physically removed. Hard drive erasure procedures adhere to US Department of Defense (DOD) standards. Inoperable hard drives are destroyed so that all data and software are unrecoverable.


All customers receive a free online tracking account. The account can be used to look up the status of previously recycled equipment, pay invoices, and set up new pickups.


DesktopDisposal.com persues all remarketing options throughout the industry to place used equipment back into service and keep it out of landfills. Equipment is remarketed through a variety of channels including online stores, Internet auction sites and though a network of resellers.


DesktopDisposal.com provides recycling for equipment that fails testing or does not meet minimum specifications. Recycling is completed by selling each of the recyclable components of your equipment, combined in bulk with like components of other customer's equipment, back into the plastics, metals, and other similar industries as a commodity. DesktopDisposal.com follows all applicable state, federal and EPA regulations. No portion or any piece of equipment is placed in a landfill.

  • Computers, PC's
  • Laptops
  • CRT Monitors
  • LCD Monitors
  • Servers
  • Copiers
  • Printers
  • Phones
  • Electronics
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